Poojas And Festivals





Niyamavedi 03.00 am
Nadathurappu 04.20 am
Ethrutha Pooja 06.30 am
Thekkinakom Pantheradi Pooja 07.30 am
Vadakkinakom Pantheradi Pooja 08.00 am
Uchapooja 11.00 am


Nadathurappu 05.20 pm
Deeparadhana 06.45 pm
Athazhapooja 07.30 pm


Vedivazhupadu Thalichukuda
Muzhukkappu Ellu Nivedyam
Paalpayasam Sahasranama Archana
Ney-vilakku Bhagyasookth Archana
Thrikkayil Venna Swayamvara Archana
Ganapathi Havanam Ashtothara Archana
Bhagavathi Seva Narasimhamoolamanthra Archana
Thulabharam Mahasudarsana Manthrarchana
Aravana Purushasooktha Archana
Vishnupooja Chuttuvilakku
Lakshmi Narayana Pooja Panakam

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu

Somayagam is a Yajna evolved by the great Indian saints in the Threthayuga for the prosperity of all living beings in the entire universe. It has gained much greater relevance in this conflict-ridden modern world marked by frequent wars, natural calamities, cut-throat competition and ecological disasters. The Yajna is globally recognised as a means of fostering universal harmony and brotherhood among mankind. It is said that, in the Puranic period, Somarasa was offered to the Devas to enable them to lead a nectar-like life.

Both Sree Narasimhamoorthy and Sree Sudarsanamoorthy - the main deities - are worshipped with equal reverence at the Thuravoor temple.It is the staunch belief that those who worship Narasimhamoorthy here will earn the blessings of the entire galaxy of gods.Goddess Mahalakshmi will also bless them with every happiness and wealth.





The temple holds several Utsavams and festivals. In many of them members of the local community enthusiastically participate. The 9-day utsavam during the month of Thulam (October) is the most important festival.

Valiyavilakku is celebrated on the Diwali day. It is said that one of the Arattu functions (holy bath before the closing ceremony) at the temple coincided with the birth of Sree Chithirathirunal Maharaja. This was a Valiavilakku festival when Amavasi (new-moon) and Diwali happened to fall on the same day.

The temple also hosts one-day festivals in connection with Ashtamirohini, Dwadashi,Dhanu 1st, Thiruvathira,Makarasankranthi,Vishu and Pathamudayam ezhunallathu to Bhoothanilam Temple, in association with the local community. On the day of Pathamudayam, the idols of the two temples are taken out in a ceremonial procession till the spot where Sree Narasimamoorthy’s idol was first sighted.